Richard J. Harris
Richard J. Harris



B.E. (Elec) Monash University 2003. An experienced CADSIM modeller, Richard has been working for Clean Technology Solutions fulltime since late-2002. Prior to that he worked two years part-time for us on simulation-building assignments. He participated in the first Australian training course (run by Aurel in 1999) and is now one of the most experienced and accomplished CADSIM Plus modelers in Australia/New Zealand.

1994-1995 Industry experience also included working a total of five months in the commissioning of a paper mill in New Mexico. Among other duties there, he worked with the Allen-Bradley control engineer to commission the PLC control systems for a Mechanical Vapour Recompression Evaporator-Crystallizer.

2000:2001 Part-time IT engineer for Mercer Ltd (Melbourne). Help Desk operator and system installer and troubleshooter for in-house computer network.

2000:2002 Part-time Process Engineer for Clean Technology Solutions. Developed experience with paper machine simulations and control systems simulations.

2002:present Full-time Process Engineer for Clean Technology Solutions. Extensive experience with simulation of a range of industrial processes, control systems. Experienced Trainer.

February 2003 & November 2003 Trained in Canada with Aurel Systems for value-adding abilities in customizing CADSIM Plus coding for e.g. DLM's, property databases, DCS Screen Emulations.


• Demonstrated creative abilities to apply technological tools for process optimization.
• Innovator with demonstrated track record of success in simulation applications. Able to handle the management of large simulation projects.
• Broad knowledge of clean technology applications in process industry supported by practical experience working with a range of industrial clients in the pulp & paper, minerals, water treatment, chemical and food industries.
• Richard's special strengths are in modelling and control systems and his Elec Eng background has made him an extremely accomplished modeller of batch processes and conditional and sequential logic. One of his current Australian projects, requiring extensive rule-based logic, is among the most extensive modelled anywhere to date using CADSIM Plus.
• Demonstrated ability to work in a supportive training role