Nat Bingham
Nat Bingham



B.E. (Chem) RMIT University 2001. An experienced chemical engineer, Nat joined us in May 2004 from the plastics and resins industry bringing with him valuable experience to complement his abilities with CADSIM Plus. Nat did contract work for CTS before joining us full-time so he came to us familiar with CADSIM Plus and all it can do for our clients. Nat is well known to many of our clients through his project work and as an instructor for our CADSIM Plus training courses. He's working now in a full range of our projects and we appreciate his participation in our team and the value he adds for our clients' process engineering needs.

1996-1998 Industry experience with Chem Eng Contracts Pty Ltd involving pilot plant operation and testing, product testing, sourcing and purchasing parts and equipment, equipment sizing, process, electrical and product troubleshooting.

2002-2004 Process engineer for Qenos (Melbourne). Technical and Laboratory work for development of biodegradable/renewable packaging materials and processing, development of investigative and QC test methods for new and existing materials, technical support for process and material development including data analysis, project direction, troubleshooting, general tech support, experienced laboratory analyst for product development, QA, analysis of polymers, investigations into technical problems and customer complaints.


• Fast learner and an experienced user of a range of simulation systems. Creative user of CADSIM Plus.
• Demonstrated track record of success in an industrial environment.
• Broad knowledge of clean technology applications in process industry supported by practical experience working with a range of industrial clients in the manufacturing and plastics industries.
• Nat has demonstrated to us and our clients that he can work collaboratively and creatively to support our process engineering specialities. His Chem Eng background gives him excellent insights into the major challenges faced by our clients in optimizing their use of materials and energy for developing sustainable manufacturing strategies.
• Demonstrated ability to work in a supportive training role. He's already made a good contribution to what we feel is something that sets us apart from other consultants, our willingness to transfer technology and skills to our clients' staff members through training and collaborative work methods.
• Last but by no means least, we like Nat's philosophical commitment to sustainable manufacturing technology, something he's shown throughout his studies and his professional experience.