Danny Murphy
Danny Murphy



B.E. (Chem) student RMIT University. Danny joined us in August 2005. A bright young Chemical Engineering student, Danny has impressed us with his academic abilities and the (almost frightening) speed at which he's learned to use the CADSIM Plus simulator. He works with us 1 - 2 days/wk, depending on his academic program. Danny is finding that learning to use a process simulator is highly synergistic with his engineering studies. Not surprising when you consider that, to be a good simulationist, you need to understand how the system model is constructed to reflect the real process's behaviour. While Danny's work with us is not part of an official "sandwich" course, there are similarities. We believe we benefit from Danny's input and his relationship with RMIT (where CADSIM Plus is located on their computer network in the Engineering Department), at the same time as Danny gains experience in the delivery of high quality engineering services in the "real world". We also believe that having new graduates coming out into industry equipped to use a modern simulation tool like CADSIM Plus will, in the longer term, spread the application of this powerful process engineering technology. So, there's a bit of belief there; and we're in it for the long haul!


A very fast learner, showing himself to be a creative user of CADSIM Plus.
Is building up a track record of success in building simulations (under supervision) as parts of our assignments for our clients...
Developing knowledge of clean technology applications in process industry and brings to us the "latest engineering" being taught in his university course.
A good "team player", Danny has fitted in well with our small-team culture and has shown that he can work collaboratively and creatively to support our process engineering specialities.
Demonstrated ability to work in refining our training programs. As a "user" of our training, he's been able to suggest improvements and refine our lab tutorials that we use in our "hands-on" training courses. If you attend one of these, you'll be benefiting from Danny's experience and "road test" feedback.
Danny is also an enthusiastic brewer. Practical Applied Microbiology in action! Is there a better microcosm in which to study sustainable production processes?
We also like Danny's interest in environmental matters. When we're talking about sustainable manufacturing technology, it helps to know that our people believe in what we're doing.