Aaron Pino
Aaron Pino



B.E. (Chem) and B. Business Management student, RMIT University. Another bright young Chemical Engineering student, Aaron has just recently (June 2006) joined our happy band. He's rapidly learning to understand and use CADSIM Plus. Aaron knows he'll be able to join Danny not only in using CADSIM Plus in their coursework but also in offering help to fellow-students at RMIT University's Engineering School, where they all have access to CADSIM Plus. We foresee new graduates coming out of university skilled in the application of dynamic process simulation (and that means CADSIM Plus) but also with a well-rounded understanding of how it can be used to support the integrated process design methodology that is allowing cleaner production to be built into process plants. We're pleased to have Aaron on board.


Aaron is another fast learner, having blazed through the extensive list of tutorials we've now developed for CADSIM Plus teaching.
He's looking forward to working under supervision on industry projects for our clients, converting their P&I drawings to "living drawings" in CADSIM Plus...
While Aaron is developing understanding of clean technology applications in process industry, he's also bringing to us the "latest engineering" and the "latest business management economics" from his university course.
He's fitting in well with our small-team culture and looks like being a good "team player". As a football enthusiast, captain and Best & Fairest Award winner with his school team, should we be surprised?
Aaron's a hard worker, with a good track record working in a range of employment, including his family's dry-cleaning business.
His communications skills are excellent and he lists among his achievements putting together a complete expansion project for his family's retail dry-cleaning business.